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Artist Statement


For as long as I can remember, I have appreciated the psychological aspects of art over time, as well as personally found a means to be involved in and express myself through my own artistic gateways. I relish in the process of creating a new piece and enjoy its therapeutic aspects as well. Every turn of the pencil and every aggressive brush stroke of raw color lend a first impression to the eye. At next glance, the thought process is pushed into further inquisitiveness while exporting empowerment at the same time.

Using broad brushes to create long brush strokes helps eliminate white areas of canvas and allows for my expression to begin. I also take pleasure in the use of the fine tip brush. This is when I know my focus has shifted and the piece is becoming increasingly refined. The vital canvas invites me to display a vision through which I can travel to a mindset of the past and create a new mindset for the future. These memories through movement are paralleled with the movement created in physical form.

My recent work continues with the unblended alternation of warm and cold colors. I continue to direct the eye and incorporate shades and hues of deep blue, which not only illicit dullness and certain levels of intensity, but emotions of calmness, sadness, and good feelings alike. In addition, I have been working on portraits to convey some of these same emotions. I consider myself satisfied with a piece when any further change would only hinder the feeling or the meaning of the piece. More importantly than what I was feeling while creating my artwork, I really want to know what it is that you feel while viewing it.

Sheridan Keglovits

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