Sheridan Keglovits
Oils - Acrylics - Portraits - Charcoals - Murals - Custom 
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Exhibitions and Awards

 Dallas Pop Up Gallery Night - October - The Prophet Bar - "Bucks" and Prints Sold

Daydreaming Show - Bedford, Texas - "Bison", " Alpha", "Reaching", "Bucks", "Affixed II", "Juxtaposition", "Susan", "Dancers", and "Issues" on show
Canal Fest 2016 - Irving, Texas - "Reaching", "Bucks", "Juxtaposition", "Affixed 2", "Susan",
"Nance Farm in Early October", "Issues", and "Dancers"

 Dallas Pop Up Gallery Night - April - The Prophet Bar - "Affixed" and Prints Sold
Bishop Arts Gallery - Opening Reception - Live Painting, "The Viaduct" Sold

 Trinity Arts Guild - Members Winter Juried Show - "Affixed", "Affixed 2", and "Juxtaposition" on Show


 Bishop Dunne Catholic School - BD 100 Dinner Alumni Art Show Curator, "Protected" on Show and Sold

Irving Art Association- Member Show - "Affixed" and "Pope Francis" on Show


Irving Art Association- Member Show - “5, 6 Pick Up Sticks 7, 8 Go To Sleep” 2nd place in drawing

Bishop Dunne Catholic School - Alumni Art Show- “A Bridge and Its Witness” Faculty Favorite Award and “Issues” on Show

 Everest College Art Show - Guest Speaker and Artist, “Bucks” and “Micah’s Son” on Show

 Saint Elizabeth Catholic School - Prints of “A Bridge and Its Witness”, “Bucks”, and “Susan” sold in annual auction


DeSoto Art League - Summer Member Show - DeSoto City Hall  – Oil Paintings “Dancers”, “Two Figures”, and "Bucks"

DeSoto Art League - Monthly Show 3rd Place for Graphite Drawing “Micah’s Son”

Irving Art Center Focus Gallery - Graphite Drawing “Micah’s Son”

Texas Visual Arts Association - Member Show - Medical City Hospital - Oil Painting “Dancers” 
Irving Art Association - Member Show - 3rd in Place Drawings/Photography for Graphite Drawing “Micah’s Son”

Pencil Drawings “Grandma K.” and “T. Cooper" also on Show
Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church - "A Night in Paris" Silent Auction - Prints of “Dancers”, “Commencement”, and “In  The Wind” sold


DeSoto Art League - Member Show - Oil Painting “Susan”

Texas Visual Arts Association - Holiday Bazaar - Prints for Sale

DeSoto Art League - Plein Air Art Competition - 1st Place for Oil Painting “Nance Farm in Early October” 

Irving, Texas Library Traveling Exhibition - Oil Painting, “Bucks” 

Irving Art Association - National Wildlife Art Competition - Gamblin Oil Excellence Overall Award for Oil Painting "Bucks"

Texas Visual Arts Association - Portrait Show - Graphite Drawings “T. Cooper” and “Micah’s Son”     

Doss Heritage and Culture Center - Expressions from the Soul Exhibit - Oil Paintings “Dancers”, “Issues”, and “Two Figures”

SoDeVis Gallery - Texas Flora, Fauna, and Cowboys Competition - Honorable Mention for Oil Painting “Left Standing”

Woodhaven Presbyterian Church Auction - Graphite Drawing “The Duke” sold

Oil Painting “The Promise Rock” sold                          

Lancaster, Texas Second Saturday Festival - Various Artwork on show and for sale


Bishop Dunne Catholic School Alumni Show - Oil Painting “Susan” and Graphite Drawing “Micah’s Son”

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